Genocide in full swing

Those who only watch and listen to mainstream media day in and day out will think: ‘what is that guy talking about?’ But also in the mainstream media occasionally some messages come through that make those people think again about the question of whether the so-called ‘ democratic’ governments on this globe have the best intentions for the peoples they claim to serve. A little research on the internet is enough to find out that the governments are at the service of a ‘higher’ power, a dark power, whose people who really pull the strings are unknown to us.

It is bizarre but true: many people, now that the government no longer requires it, still wear a mask. A cashier at the supermarket mentioned today an old man who had told her that the mask was good for him. The cashier had pointed out that lack of oxygen can lead to illness, but that argument apparently did not apply to the man, as he simply repeated that it was good for him. Many people these days lack the impulse to find out the true facts behind shady things, and when they do impose themselves they are denied. Then it is the delusion of the conspiracythinker, they say. They are afraid of reality and those who are not have to suffer their judgement.

They have learned that the government is good for them and will take care of them if they dutifully pay their taxes and follow the rules of the lawbooks, the code that the state itself rewrites or does not follow if it suits them. After the payroll tax, you will be robbed many times more: while shopping, if you drive on the road, road tax is the toll, then the tank has to be filled and you once again fill the state treasury. What is not taxed on? And what happens to the pennies? You are being driven into a pharmaceutical totalitarian world order, everything that is natural, sincere and warm hearted must be destroyed. Because of a made-up plandemic, everyone is obliged to be poisoned by syringe, and all the deaths that occur are no argument for stopping this. Everyone pays for their own demise or incorporation into a slave state on a global scale. Free will must be replaced by top-down brains. connected to the cloud of the totalitarian rulers; the technology for this is available and for decades already people have been physically tinkered with via chemtrails, radiation, manipulated food and medication of all kinds. The vaccine, which is not a vaccine, can now become mandatory or you will lose your job and livelihood. Crazy, that will be obvious, but many act as if nothing is wrong. They seek confirmation from other ostriches.

One of the Rockefellers managed to convince the government in the past that natural medicine could be removed from medical textbooks, instead it was replaced by medicine theory. The Rockefellers traded in oil and had a surplus of it, which could be put to good use for pill-making. This is where the havoc started, the madness we now know as the pharmaceutical monster that profoundly determines the course of the world today.

Mind control first deprived man of divine consciousness by making him believe in labels as identities, by which he had become remotely controllable as a seperated individual. Advertising taught you that you are an individual, with your own rights and the right to the most beautiful products; you were taught that you ‘went short’, you were entitled to more and if you got this more it was called happiness. People went for it and became addicted to everything because nothing was ever enough or fulfilling. People had already been duped by this, with the mobile phone that grip has been intensified once again. You pay for your own electronic handcuff with which the surveillance state holds you in its grip.

There has never been a coronavirus pandemic, there was simply the supposedly gone flu and the colossal propaganda machine all over the planet. If you didn’t follow the news, nothing strange would have happened, even if you saw people wearing masks and jumping sideways when you approached. But no ambulance sirens, no hearses. We will only see it now, now that the injections have been given to those who have been tempted to do so under the pressure of the coercive measures of the state. I keep up with the news, but I like to keep one eye on the real nature of things, where human madness has no control yet.

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Transcending the matrix between the ears

Wow, awesome the powers that are unleashed these days, the revelations that people make, willingly and also unwillingly, in word as well as in deed, or else: by not giving in, by shutting one’s own mouth, literally, as prescribed by crazy governments.

We are shown where we are stuck in the matrix of entanglements that wish to make free living impossible. This whole theater is brainwashing to condition man into slavery, faithful for fear of punishment. Getting rid of it is commanded every moment anew; you are only at ease again when you realize that you have always been detached from it deep down. The identifications with the matrix’s programs are largely unconscious and want to be seen; current facts and additional tensions compel this. Everyone is faced with the choice: sincerity and love Γ²r lies and obedience to counter-nature, to those who strive for the destruction of human nature. The latter choice, of course, can never allay human anxiety; understanding this makes the choice easy. Thus there is no more seeking for truth, so anything that deviates from truth is recognized and immediately dropped.

Karin and I face a lot of identifications, tendencies and fixed psychological programs: when something falls away it feels liberating, then something else comes up later. This may look like falling back, but in fact things that have been hidden until now are coming to light now that the willingness and courage has been found to see such things. Then, for example, the feeling of having failed or being guilty can arise; this is not condemned but welcomed and felt with compassion. The willingness not to look away is strengthened, you become grounded in the undefined Self, which knows or needs no self-image. From this tranquility no labels are stuck on shapes, no separation takes place, every shape has already been embraced as your own shape.

Recently, for the first time in several years, I have used the meditation cushion again. Fifteen minutes, timer set, it was nice again. I don’t aim at anything special, I just sit down. I do not strive for a thought-free state, I see what happens and do not disapprove of anything. If I perceive a belittling thought, I also see that I was not able to prevent that thought, in fact I did not create it myself. Then there is a natural disconnection, like a bubble bursting, and the thought can fall. It’s easy to observe, I don’t do anything about it; the film fast-forwards and here and there are also silences. And the great thing is: you don’t have to sit on a meditation cushion for this, you can do this anytime, anywhere, under all circumstances.

Awakening is easy, but the implications are not always easy. Shadows of the self emerge and that is often frightening. Traumas are also programs, and they can also be removed. Not through all kinds of therapies that in themselves are programs (with the answer always in the future), but im-media-tely, by no longer looking away from what presents itself. Phone on the side, no computer for a while, but simply sit. I can recommend it to everyone and say: just start small, with ten minutes. Find out that meditation leads to nothing but what is already the case. And that this is why it should be done. Wholeness can of course never be elsewhere.

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Robert M. Pirsig (1928-2017) describes in the worldwide bestseller Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance; An Inquiry Into Values ​​his quest that arose from the question: ‘what is Quality?’ Together with a friend he made motorcycle trips through America, but what astonished him was the fact that his friend at breakdown was unable to repair his motorcycle. He lacked the knowledge for this as well as the urge to acquire that knowledge, which was remarkable, because a broken motorcycle deep in desert areas could just mean his death. Then knowledge about your motorcycle can be a life-saver. The writer noticed that a tap leaked at his friend’s house, that this visibly irritated the residents, but that the tap had not been repaired on a subsequent visit. How could this be? The question brought Pirsig the insight at a certain point: his friend had a deep-rooted resistance to modern technology, which he held responsible for an astonishing amount of ugliness in landscapes, pollution of the environment and the loss of people’s appreciation for the Beauty of nature. This aversion kept the faucet dripping and engine maintenance out of his friend’s dictionary.

The story continues; what is Quality? For the point I want to make I can be brief. One day the writer’s engine wouldn’t start. He examined the iron steed, checked all his knowledge about its technique, but could not come to the solution of the problem. After he and his possible answers were exhausted, his mind fell silent; this was when he got to see the answer and got the engine up and running again. What had happened? He, the subject, could not penetrate the engine, the object. When he gave up his efforts, subject and object were allowed to merge, and suddenly the answer was there! This is Quality: the merging of subject and object. Quality is therefore more of an event than a static fact. Perhaps the reader already senses it: in my opinion this also applies to Beauty: it arises in the meeting of subject and object, is not a static fact, but first and foremost an event.

Those who would like to read it can use this download:

I read the book around my twentieth birthday and was deeply impressed. I reread it and highlighted many philosophical passages with a yellow marker, full of admiration for the way in which he managed to make his experience tangible for me. It was last night that I was allowed to discover an interview with him, an audio recording. I downloaded the beautiful conversation and converted it to mp4 so that I can finally share it here via BitChute.


Light in dark days

In these dark days of destruction and decay, we see how pervasive corruption is. It’s no longer enough to point the finger at governments or anyone else, it’s the corruption in myself that I’m seeing where I’m not taking full responsibility for freedom now. The consequences of this are not a consideration: freedom is freedom and nothing less because the consequences would not suit me. Freedom is unconditionally free and does not allow itself to be captured by judgments of others or myself. Freedom constantly witnesses these kinds of psychological programs and is never intertwined with them.

Frank Zappa

People are under a lot of pressure, I can feel it too. The corona crisis, whether you believe in corona or not, is affecting everyone because the political measures were and still are of enormous proportions. On top of that, the fear propaganda concerning the climate and Ukraine, with the worldwide cooperation of the media, is also good for many absurd measures that further disrupt life. Children are disappearing, taken from families by the governments; billions are mysteriously disappearing from the public purse and public administration is going more and more underground. Police provoke peaceful demonstrations, free opinions increasingly disappear behind bars without trial and are smeared as traitors by brainwashed people. At the beginning of the lockdown I expected that the people would stand up somewhere, but on a large scale people are rallying behind the greatest madness imposed from above, exchanging every critical sense for obedience to those who commit the crimes. This madhouse is the matrix in which no one is obliged to sit. The matrix is ​​mental, the choice is spiritual.

These days I thoroughly enjoy David R. Hawkins who writes with great clarity about the psychological programs that play in a person and how to get and stay free from them. A good friend pointed me to Hawkins’ book Power Vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, which I read with great pleasure. These days I’m reading Letting Go – The Pathway of Surrender, which also gracefully takes the reader from negative feelings to their resolution. The only condition is the will to face the negative feelings and not to project them into a world or person outside of you in denial. I would like to offer both books here for download.

David Hawkins, like the highly regarded Lester Levenson, says that if we dare to experience and live our feelings fully, we can let them go in surrender. Dropping is what Lester Levenson calls it. With every feeling you drop thousands of thoughts running a program; it is simple and extremely effective. Yes, letΒ΄s do it, I’ll add two books by Lester: Keys To The Ultimate Freedom, the book I was allowed to discover online tonight, and No Attachments, No Aversions.

In the foreword to Letting Go, Hawkins says that as you read you will find that what you read, in recognition, has already renewed your insight. I don’t just read statements, I experience what is being said in my system while reading. It just takes the will to be responsible for the fact that the suffering is something I do to myself. Of course I can say something about it if someone is on my toes, but I rob myself of my freedom if I hold someone else responsible for my freedom and harmony now. In addition, everything in the world that wants to push me out of this is not a problem, but an opportunity to notice and solve a piece of programming again. By simply feeling and releasing negative feelings instead of being chained by reactive emotions. Tonight my wife and I acknowledged the Blessing to see this. That is why I am now pleased to enclose four beautiful manuscripts by the two gentlemen mentioned. Greeting the reader!

Getting to the bottom – text: Karin de Vries

Text by Karin de Vries with a wonderful approach to illness and health from natural insight instead of sick big pharma interests; must read!

I always thought I was taking good care of my health. Organic food, the right nutritional supplements, enough rest etc etc. To a certain extent this has kept me going, but it has never brought about real healing, a certain fatigue continued to hinder me. I’ll call it being sick. But what is being sick really? Is illness something mysterious that has entered the body and prevents the possessor from functioning to his or her full capacity? As a very small child I already had lung complaints, serious that is. Sometimes I got sick, I got the flu and my body would make a high fever that was accompanied by a lot of coughing and sneezing. I was always grateful for it. Afterwards I had to recover for a week or so, but then I continued with a tidy body and significantly more energy. I never took medication during such a period, even the usual Ventolin could be omitted. I sleep, drink a lot of water and herbal tea, I don’t feel like eating, in short; a reset for the poor exhausted body. This is called the flu in popular speech and giving in is the best thing you can do, the wise body will do it itself if you don’t stop the process by putting Paracetamol in it.

Nowadays this is called Corona and entire tribes believe that you can transfer this from one person to another. That’s called contamination. My experience is that when I have good energy, I can be in the midst of people who are coughing and sneezing all over me, it doesn’t bother me, I don’t get sick. I work as a nutrition consultant in a health food store and I have people around me all day whose bodies don’t do what they want. So I would have to be exposed to a lot of contamination risk. I don’t believe in this and I rarely, if ever, get the flu, maybe once every 10 years.

So what is this story about pathogenic bacteria and viruses? During my training as a nutritionist I learned that if you have a wound, an army of bacteria will come to clean up the dead white blood cells and other junk and clear the place for beautiful and new tissue. I remember asking the question that these bacteria are still very useful and act as a kind of garbage collection service and that the statement that bacteria are the cause of disease should be reversed and they should be called auxiliary troops. My teacher gave me a glassy look and didn’t respond. She had apparently learned and stuck in her head that bacteria are the cause of disease and this conviction was so deep at the time that there was no room for another insight, even though it was right in front of her. The virus story is a bit more complicated. But I firmly believe that viruses are, simply put, no more or less than exosomes or toxins that want to leave the body. This is accompanied by discomfort, but it will always serve. Yes, if the body is so weakened it can die from the detoxification, especially if it is stopped by pharmaceutical intervention. For older and weaker people, it is then advisable to guide the detoxification and not to let it go too drastic.

This is all about the body, however more and more people are discovering that body and mind are one and that many ailments not only have their origin in an inferior way of life, but certainly also arise from fixed beliefs and traumatic events that are stored in a junk drawer because we, at some point, couldn’t deal with that. For the last 2 years it has descended that my actions and reactions stem from this junk drawer. Very uncomfortable because there is a lot of pain and denial in the junk drawer that wants to force a way out and due to its unconscious nature often causes alienation with people. But the junk drawer wants to open, the physical complaints and fatigue are too great and the hidden wants to be seen. Thus, quarrels are forced that can only be resolved if I am willing to look deep within myself and not create confusion by expecting the other to take his part in easing mine. That which does not want to be seen looks for a way out through physical complaints that is accompanied by deep mental suffering.

I don’t blame myself, the origin of all this is the deep desire to love and receive love as one movement. When I look at all the deeds and crimes, I can suddenly have compassion for even the greatest of criminals. The beautiful song by Leonard Cohen suddenly comes to mind: it is in love that we are made, in love we disappear. We all have to face it and the time has now come to make peace with ourselves and the world around us. As unfair as it all may seem, it is precisely this apparent unfairness that is the opportunity to counter it with integrity. As inside, so outside. Exploitation, murder, robbery, theft, lies, denial, it’s all still happening. The only answer is Love. And I certainly don’t mean that injustice should be tolerated. We continue to teach our children what is right and what is not right, even if it is painful for them; they become people who know how to keep their backs straight. But we continue to see every living thing as a unique expression of the Creator. Every living being is standing in his or her truth right now. It doesn’t have to be different, it’s good, just the way it is. I look at all my beliefs and I reconsider them, every moment, and oftentimes I don’t succeed, then the pain I experience because of that helps to look again, with a fresh, unbiased view. Life is not an ending affair, we don’t have to grow older and weaker, we are eternal beings made to shine and live a full life.


Satirical Soldier

A house may become available for us. At the beginning of January next year we have to leave our current address. Obtaining housing is difficult in these times, through an acquaintance we heard about a woman who wants to return to her native country, but wants to keep the house on hand in case something should go wrong. She has agreed with her landlord that she will take care of new residents herself. We hope we will be. Two floors, two living rooms, four bedrooms and an ocean view. No more trouble with heavy traffic in the street, which is also a huge improvement. Next week we will take a look; the pictures we already saw immediately made us enthusiastic. Karin said that one of the living rooms could become my workspace. But we’ll see, because I don’t want to miss out on that view of the sea!

I wrote the above yesterday, meanwhile I have a moronic cold and I slept many hours of the day. Like to write some words to express my amazement at humanity. More and more people are waking up to see that the pandemic is one big scam to get other things done, but when will it be enough so that everyone will stand up? It started with one and a half meters, no shaking hands and masks on. There was a curfew, fundamental rights were violated en masse, peaceful demonstrations were clubbed and much more illegality was the order of the day. People didn’t get up en masse. Perhaps the fact that people are now being forcibly injected with unnecessary and harmful poisons crossed a line? Or should we take another look at what the government has in store for us? It is astonishing how much the human mind is apparently already trained to believe in evil fables and swear allegiance to them. Because the alternative is too terrible to see; -yeah, I think that’s it.

Karin and I never wear a mask in public life, especially indoors we are the only ones; most people who really see through the deception do it anyway. I find it disappointing that this is just about everyone here; the Irish seem deeply asleep. But my impression is limited; doesn’t work for many. On Twitter I follow Satirical Soldier (@SatSol_62) who well articulated his frustration tonight:


Land of the slaves.

Land of the Immoral.

Land of the press secutors.

Land of the Ignorant.

Land of the Cowards.

Land of the Corrupt.

The selfish majority have abandoned what our Patriots died for to feel the

illusion of safety. Their lack of shame disturbs me.

That we are dealing here with a man of character is also apparent from the video that he put together, which I have placed on my BitChute channel, well worth listening to.

Before going to live in Ireland I thought they were a people of character that knew how to get things done, but today generally I find tame sheep who do as they are told. What is also striking is that a considerable part of the people who dare to see what is happening here and who come together with like-minded people are immigrants. But with this limited view, I don’t promote Irish self-esteem, so let me conclude with two clips that do.